Where would you start, if you were the artist creating this sculpture?

Diana Al-HadidWater Thief, Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid creates dripping spiraling, climbing, pooling sculptures from various materials.  Water Thief is composed of steel, fiberglass, polymer gypsum, polystyrene, wood, high density foam and paint.  It sounds like the construction challenge of a lifetime — take all this stuff and make something out of it that looks interesting.

Diane Al-HadidAll the Stops, Diane Al-Hadid

Her sculptures feature architectural elements from cathedrals, pipe organs, cityscapes.  They look illustrations from some kind of fantasy novel, brought to life.  I want to know the tales.

Diane Al-HadidPortal to a Black Hole, Diane Al-Hadid

 Al-Hadid has exhibitions coming up in Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts and New York in 2012.  Visit her website to see more of her work:  www.dianaalhadid.com

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