I don’t know the answer to that one – I had bookmarked it about a week ago.  I wanted to blog about this world-renowned artist who created “Cloud Gate”, commonly and fondly known in Chicago as “The Bean”.  When I went back to his site to share some of his other work and link here, all of the links are broken. Not sure what is happening there . . .

I had to depend on other sources today to share some of the other things that this prolific sculptor has completed:

Anish Kapoor: Sky MirrorAnish Kapoor:  Sky Mirror, Kensington Gardens, London
photo by Quintin Lake

Anish Kapoor: LeviathanAnish Kapoor:  Leviathan, Grand Palais, Paris

In an interesting note, “Leviathan”, installed this May 2011 at the Grand Palais museum in France, was dedicated by Kapoor to Ai Wei Wei. (See my blog post June 30) See Design Magazine’s blog about “Leviathan” for many great photos and information. It is an amazing and enormous piece of artwork. Really – click that link to see how huge this thing is and how different it looks inside & out.

Anish Kapoor: UntitledAnish Kapoor:  Untitled

I found this photo on an art auction site.  See more views of this sculpture here: AskART  From one angle it looks like a fried egg.

Anish Kapoor: UntitledAnish Kapoor’s Untitled (2009) is is 8m high and 25m long, and made of mild tube steel and tensioned fabric. Source: The Australian

If you google images and Anish Kapoor, the things that pop up first are the “Bean”, and also some of his other reflective metal sculptures.  I dug a bit deeper to find his other work, because I wanted to show you the scope of things he has done, with a such a wide variety of materials and styles.

Interestingly enough, while I was writing this blog entry, I thought to check the website again, just in case.  I guess I questioned too soon – they must have just been down for maintenance or something, because now I am finding that the links work!  Here is Anish Kapoor’s website, if you are interested in seeing more.

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