It looks like anemones, or sea grass, slowly moving in an underwater ocean breeze. The following pieces are from Shayna Leib’s collection, “Wind and Water”.

Shayna LeibShayna Leib, Stiniva

Shayna LeibShayna Leib, Charybdis

Leib’s pieces can take over a month to create.  From a molten blob of glass, she pulls long lengths of thin glass, or cane.  Thousands of segments are then cut and organized, to be meticulously assembled into her flowing sculptures.

Shayna LeibShayna Leib, Laminaria

Her work will be exhibited by Habatat Galleries Michigan November 4-6, 2011 at SOFA on Navy Pier, in Chicago, IL.

Shayna LeibShayna Leib, Before the Rain

“Wind and water possess no intrinsic color, are clear to the point of invisibility, and yet move through space. We see not their form itself, but can detect their patterns and shapes only vicariously though the objects they affect. The trace of water’s touch over moss and sea life, the wind’s passage over marshlands, through wheat fields and the fur of a long-haired animal- these two forces make their presence known. Their character is contradictory and fickle, encompassing fragility and violence, placidity and turbulence.” – Shayna Leib

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