I have tried my hand at glass mosaics, creating several stepping stone designs.  They are all just ok to me; I think my talent lies more in glass art that comes alive when in the light.  Since I can’t seem to bring my mosaic visions to life in the way that I like, it is a pleasure to find someone who excels at this form. I am delighted to present these island-inspired mosaics, drenched with bright color.

mosaic, Charles McDonellIsland in the Sun, Charles McDonell

McDonell first paints the artwork, then lays the glass, carefully selecting pieces with textures and color nuances that work with his vision of what he would like to portray.

glass mosaic, McDonellHoneymoon Sunset, Charles McDonell

Cutting glass is precise work, and it is not easy to get shapes to fit with such exactness as you see in McDonell’s work.

glass mosaic, McDonellTribal Visions, Charles McDonell

I like the primitive quality to his work.  It reminds me of Caribbean artwork, similar to pieces I will be featuring in tomorrow’s blog post.  McDonell is from Cedar Key, Florida.  See more of his work on the website he hosts within Fine Art America:  fineartamerica.com

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