Fly Freeman is not what I expected.  When I first saw her sculptures, some of them quite large, and carved from wood or stone, I assumed Fly was a man.  I looked at her website and found wonderful images, but not a lot about Fry herself.  Then I found an interview on You Tube, and was impressed by her views on transforming and caring for a community by beautifying it.

Fly Freeman sculpture: GrassesGrasses, Fly Freeman

Freeman trained at the Edinburgh College of Art. Her sculptures can be seen in Scotland, England, France, and in private collections.

Fly Freeman sculpture: A Public CommissionA Public Commission by Fly Freeman

Not only do I love her sculptures, she also works in collaboration with a glass artist. Francis Muscat works with Fly, and joins in her passion for public art that can transform the feeling of a place.

Francis Muscat and Fly Freeman SculptureColoured-glass-in-river, Francis Muscat and Fly Freeman

With their shared passions for art, and shared desire to impact the community in a positive way, the two artists bring something special.  See more of their work: and

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