It’s October in the Midwest, time for weather and leaves to change, bringing vibrant color and rich fall smell to the air. Today is a good day to feature artist Sue Gregor, and her leafy works of art.

Sue GregorSue Gregor, Blue Shadow Disc Necklace

Gregor’s shadow-casting plastic necklaces are hand-dyed and embossed using her own method, and ordinary plants and weeds. These necklaces made the blog rounds several months ago.  Gregor has more to her credit than this artistic line of jewelry, though.

Sue GregorSue Gregor, Textiles:  00990 – passion flower leaves

Her textiles capture the delicate tracery of the leaves, and she has a way with using soft, pastel color.

Sue GregorSue Gregor, Wallpaper Grass

Maybe not everyone would love weeds on their walls, but this is really amazing to me.  There is not much information I could find about the wallpaper.  I am wondering if it is the exposure that give it the spot of light?  Or is it backlit somehow?  I would love to pass this going down my stairs every day.

Sue GregorSue Gregor, Cuff Bracelet:  00340 – roman cuff 4 a

Gregor lives in the UK city of Bristol.  Being an urban artist does not stop her from finding inspiration in nature.

“The plants and weeds which grow in the front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material. I see beauty all around me and the plants which have struggled to succeed in an urban environment give me inspiration on a personal level and for my jewellery.” – Sue Gregor

See more of her lovely work on her website, where there is also a link to shop for her creations:

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