Artist Haruka Kojin is all over the blog sphere these days, with many sites featuring her newest installation, “Contact Lens”.

Haruka KojinHaruka Kojin, Contact Lens (image by designboom)

This installation is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, in an exhibition entitled, “Architectural Environments for Tomorrow.” Kojin’s art displays a distortion of reality, using two different types of lenses. One is flat, and the other type is a curved surface, displaying a skewed view of reality.

Haruka KojinHaruka Kojin, Contact Lens (image by designboom)

In looking through past installations, I love the quality of her work, suspended, reflected.

Haruka KojinHaruka Kojin, reflectwo (2006-11)

Haruka KojinHaruka Kojin, Walk in ‘Ma·Ma Spaghetti

Kojin was born in Hiroshima in 1983, and completed her Master degree at the Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.

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