When I look at Henrique Oliveira’s work, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of POWER.

Henrique OlivieraHenrique Oliveira, from his website

The artist grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, where he still lives and works. As an art student, he scavenged deteriorating tapumes, strips of wood fencing surrounding construction sites, for his sculpture.

What first caught my attention on this kind of deteriorated plywood was its pictorial aspect. . . The textures, the colors and the different tones that were organized in layers, reminded me of a painting surface”-from an interview with Yatzer online

Henrique OliveiraDesnatureza, Henrique Oliveira

 Some of  the sculptures appear as if they were created from a gigantic hand, wielding an enormous paintbrush. Others, like the tree trunk pictured above, erupt like living things, breaking through the concrete like a blown up version of saplings in an abandoned parking lot.

Henrique OliveiraUntitled (Brushstroke), Henrique Oliveira

It is well worth a visit to his site to see his installations as well as his paintings.  The photos are beautiful and large – eye-popping works that fill the screen with writhing forms and bursts of color.  See it for yourself:  http://www.henriqueoliveira.com

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