I think kinetic art is amazing – it takes your perception and experience to a whole new level. Studio Glithero has an amazing repertoire of art that is created by action.  I’m not sure if it would be classified as kinetic art, but motion is a defining element in many of their works. British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren met and studied at the Royal College of Art, then started a studio in London where they create installations that result in products.

pottery, Studio GlitheroBlueware Collection, Studio Glithero

The gorgeous blueware pottery is created by applying dried plants to ceramic surfaces treated with light-sensitive chemicals. The arrangements are exposed to UV light. See a visually stunning video of this process as they dip the vases into the vat of color:  www.glithero.com/blueware-vases.

fire drawings, glitheroFire Drawings, Studio Glithero

Fire Drawings are one of the newest works on the Glithero website. The pattern is screen-printed with a flammable paint.  As the flame travels along the lines, it leaves a charcoal trace behind.

fire drawings, studio glitheroFire Drawings, Studio Glithero

fire drawings, studio glithero
Fire Drawings, Studio Glithero

An important part of the Studio Glithero process is to produce films that document the creation of their products.  They aim to capture the spirit of the moment in which things are made. Their work is basically science based, as they look to how elements react, the key ingredient being transformation. They want the consumer to experience the moment at which artwork appears from raw materials into something that is complete.

Visit their website to view videos of their many varied installations.  Glithero.com  View a video interview of the artists and their process:  www.detnk.com

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