Amidst the amazing landscape of Cappadocia, in the center of Turkey, there rests a tremendous stone sculpture. Andrew Rogers is the artist, and he has created a series of outdoor installations entitled Rhythms of Life, forming a chain of 48 massive stone geoglyphs around the world.

art installation, Andrew RogersSustenance, Turkey
Andrew Rogers

The Rhythms of Life project began in 1998, and has involved over 6,700 people in 13 countries, across seven continents. Sustanance incorporated over 10,000 tons of stone and rock, and was completed in September 2011.

art installation, A. Rogers  Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
Andrew Rogers

The installations are so huge that they have each been photographed by satellite, from hundreds of miles above the earth. Some cover the land over a distance of two miles.

art installation, A. RogersShield, Kenya
Andrew Rogers

Rogers makes every effort to utilize materials native to each site.

“These structures may last for centuries or may slowly erode into their surroundings. For me either outcome is acceptable, as I like to leave these works to the vagaries of time, climate, and the control  and care of the local community” -Andrew Rogers, from Landscape Architecture Magazine

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