I was looking at the overview of Spencer Finch’s installations, and the thing that really struck me was the way that he fills space.

Spencer FinchMoon Dust (Apollo 17), Spencer Finch

In many of the pieces that I work on, I find myself going smaller, and smaller, and using toothpicks or tweezers to move tiny little pieces.  It give me a great feeling of expansion to view Finch’s work, filling a room.

spencer finchMoonlight, Spencer Finch

Finch has been strongly influenced by Monet, and the study of light. He plays with light, color, and time to influence human perception.  I think that the expansive spaces that hold his constructions certainly add to the feeling of being immersed.

spencer finchPainting Air, Spencer Finch

The Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design is featuring a major exhibition by Finch.  More than 60 pieces selected by the artist are on display until July 29, 2012.


“As abstract and ephemeral as some of Finch’s projects appear to be, they are based in fact and scientific phenomena. He acutely observes natural occurrences, which he then filters through memory as well as literary, artistic, and scientific accounts. The results are often poetic, as he tries to make visible what cannot easily be seen,” – Judith Tannenbaum, Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art.


VIsit Finch’s website to see more:  http://www.spencerfinch.com/

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