In my search for Thanksgiving art, I found some hilarious classic cards featuring odd things, like a baby on a platter, and a turkey with a smiling, blond, little girl’s face.  Then I moved on to inaccurate depictions of Native Americans, and pious Pilgrims.  I had to leave it at two pieces of artwork that simply convey warm, Autumn feelings and leave it at that!

Doris LeeThanksgiving, c. 1935, Doris Lee
American, 1905-1983

Doris Lee’s artistic career took off when “Thanksgiving”  won the Logan Prize in the annual at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her style ranged from her early folk art pieces to abstract style, and she moved between fine art and illustration with ease.  Read an interesting article about Lee from the New York Times 2008: Offering a Painter for History’s Reconsideration

Grandma MosesGrandma Moses, CATCHING THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY, 1943

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, Grandma Moses, is known as the greatest American folk painter of the twentieth century. She was the first American painter to achieve a significant international reputation in the post-World War II era. From humble beginnings as a self-taught artist on her farm, she became famous later in life and remains iconic today.  Read more about Grandma Moses at:

Have a happy, healthy, appreciative Thanksgiving!


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