When every other art blog features an artist, does it mean I should stay away?  I hate to be such a follower, but when it comes right down to it, I love this artist’s work, and I still want to share it. In researching, trying to find out a bit more to tell, I find page after page of bloggers featuring his work.

brooks shane salzwedelbrooks shane salzwedel, Thorned and Honeysuckle 2009
23″ x 40″ mixed media

My fellow art bloggers feature picture after picture, but no one has much to say about the artist and his technique. Doing a little more digging, I found that the pictures are created using layers of resin and graphite.

Brooks Shane SALZWEDELBrooks Shane Salzwedel, Untitled #3 2008
24″x14″ graphite, tape,resin

He studied at Pasedena’s Art Center College of Design.  His work became smaller, and success came in the form of belt buckles that became an award winning line of fashion in boutiques throughout the U.S.

Brooks Shane SalzwedelBrooks Shane Salzwedel

Some of my favorites are works done in tiny tins.

I guess the art crowd found him much sooner than I did, but have you ever heard of him?  No?  Then mission accomplished.  My aim isn’t so much to be cutting edge as to find cool things to share, and give you a little info as well.  I hope you enjoy!

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