I like the look of paper lanterns in the trees.  What a beautiful summery atmosphere.

The white ones are beautiful, and I’m sure I’ve seen them for sale.  Probably Pier One or maybe World Market?

They can be so inviting . . .

As simple as a candle in a paper bag.

The Myklebust+SEARS art studio offers seminars for lantern making.  They host the Art+Fire lantern festival at their rural Pepin County, Wisconsin studio.

“The Myklebust+SEARS studio is located on 37 acres of agricultural and forested land in rural Pepin County, Wisconsin, 65 miles from Minneapolis-St.Paul.  The fields and forest around the studio are an outdoor lab where sculptural and landscape ideas are explored over time.” from the Art+Fire website

It takes several hours to complete a small lantern, and at least 6-8 to create a large lantern.  Often people work in groups to create the large pieces.The studio is located about 65 miles from Minneapolis.  You don’t need any previous art experience to sign up and create a lantern. Put that on my list of things to do . . .

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