I came across a beautiful piece of sculpture on design boom the other day. Take a look at the work of Rolf Sachs.

rolf sachs
Rolf Sachs, Ewiger Lauf

There is just a beautiful feeling about this sculpture.  The hewn trough, the rough old bucket and battered stool.  Dusty, workman’s things, highlighted by a glowing stream of blue light.

rolf sachsRolf Sachs, Ewiger Lauf

Sachs has a fun website as well.  Put your cursor over the various objects to get a closer view, or a glimpse of imagination at work:  www.rolfsachs.com My favorites are the white house with the staircase, and the round thing on the wall that looks like an old-fashioned thermostat.  You just want to meet this guy because he has got to be a lot of fun!

Sachs is a business tycoon who is also an artist-designer, working out of London. He started in business, but over the years found the need to create taking over more of his life.  He states, “Now I am 40 percent business, 40 percent studio, and 20 percent everything else I love to do in life”.

rolf sachsRolf Sachs, Gargantua

“We all have these incredibly huge egos, but actually we are just a small part of an enormous universe. I want people to look at this and for it to put a smile on their faces, because life demands humour more and more.” ‘Rolf Sachs, from an article in The Financial Times, December 7, 2007, “ -the Joy of Sachs”

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