Great news came today – I have been accepted into the “4th Fridays” show at Starline Gallery in Harvard.  I submitted 3 pieces to their jury team, so I sent photos of three of my vases.  ONE was accepted into the show – yay!  The public is invited to attend on the event on Friday, May 27, from 6 – 9 PM.

I am excited to be going to this gallery – I have heard a lot about it.  Here is a link to their blog, so you can see a little bit about this place:

I bring my vase there on Saturday, May 21st, and the reception is Friday, May 27.  Then I bring my work home, so it is just a short time for this showing. I am not quite familiar with how they operate – it does not sound like they have regular gallery hours, but rather, various “events” at this location.  Not sure, but there might be a $5 cover charge.   I’ll have to post more after the show. According to their artist submission letter: “Our soft launch on April 29th brought over 250 art enthusiasts from all over Chicagoland…”  I hope the 27th does as well!!/thestarlinegallery?sk=photos

The Starline Gallery
400 W. Front St.
Harvard, IL 60033

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