What an event experience at the Starline Factory Gallery on Friday! This Grand Opening Event was held in the large space on the ground level. People started trickling in around 6 pm.

Volunteers served the most delicious appetizers – hand-created gourmet tidbits were readily available all evening.  By 7 PM, the huge event space was fairly full.  The wine bar was stocked and glasses of wine and chilled green tea served all night long. Parking lots outside overflowed and art lovers poured through the door. Live guitar music accompanied talented singers and set the tone for a fun atmosphere. I noticed quite a few younger people, maybe high school age, in the crowd, which I thought was unusual.  All the mysteries were solved when recorded music began to play, and the wandering young ones coalesced into an organized flash mob of accomplished dancers.

Artist studios were open, so attendees wandered through the immense factory building, meeting the artists who work in this unique place, and seeing first hand what an active art studio looks like. The patio off the main event area was open, softly lit with fairy lights and comfortably furnished with patio seating.

My Osprey vase looked great on its pedestal, against the warm brick walls.

At 9:45 PM, we were sitting on the patio, sipping the last glass of wine in the cool night air.  No one hurried to leave this magical space.

Photographers Nancy Merkling and Theresa Baber are the organizers behind the Starline Factory Gallery.  Click on their names to view some of their work.  They are professional and talented, creating an oasis of art that is well worth the ride out to Harvard, Illinois.

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