Yesterday’s post was on a new form of lighted, translucent concrete. This led to an investigation of some concrete art . . .

concrete ceiling, Casa do Conto HotelCasa do Conto Hotel, Portugal

Not sure how comfortable I would be with a massive, concrete ceiling over my head.  It is pretty cool, though.

concrete sculpture, Andrew GossLeaning, Andrew Goss

Andrew Goss is a concrete artist who writes a blog about his work and other interesting ideas.  He is a Canadian jewelry designer, who works in concrete as well as metals.  I wanted to feature this piece because I think of concrete sculpture being blocky and heavy, and I love the “twiggy” feel of this one. Visit his blog:

He also creates some beautiful wall mounted pieces.  See the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto, “Lift – Some Ideas about Concrete”.

sculpture, Rachel Josepher GaspersSculpture, Rachel Josepher Gaspers

Gaspers is an artist working out of Port Townsend, Washington.  She creates sculptures that are created from  kiln-cast glass and concrete.

“Since I often think of glass as transparent stone or rocks, the “themes” of the pieces are in reference to fossils, or ancient walls that are carved with a story.” Rachel Josepher Gaspers

She also produces oil paintings, fiber art, and pastel paintings, in addition to the concrete & glass work. Visit her website here:

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