Artist Kate MccGwire’s feather sculptures have made the blog rounds the last couple of years. She creates large, flowing sculptures that can sometimes be on the creepy side as they flow sinuously out of walls and along the floor. The title “Heave” doesn’t help.

MccGwireHeave, 2008, Kate MccGwire

Her use of pigeon and dove feathers is deliberate.  Though they are the same type of bird, common pigeons are often thought of as pests, dirty and feral, while doves are described as symbols of purity, peace, and hope.

MccGwireQuell, 2011, Kate MccGwire

MccGwire originally collected the feathers herself.  When she realized the scale of the sculpture she wanted to create, she began a correspondence with pigeon racing clubs, asking for their trash bins of molted feathers. Now she regularly receives envelopes full of her medium.

MccGwireLure, 2011, Kate MccGwire

 “Design Boom” is featuring some wonderful close-up images that bring home the inherent beauty in the feathers that she uses for her sculptures. Breathtaking. Kate’s website:

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