Finding the right typography for a graphic design project can take me hours.  In looking for something functional, I often get sidetracked by creative and fun ways that designers re-create alphabetic design.

Abusive Pencil by Scotticus“Abusive Pencil” font by Scotticus

Today’s fun find is a sculpture based on the art of Wassily Kandinsky. Here is one of his paintings, just to remind you (or introduce you to) his style:

Wassily KandinskyWassily Kandinsky, Transverse Line

And here is the recent sculpture, created by Turkish graphic designer, Büyükbas.

Sinan Buyukbas
Kandinsky by Sinan  Büyükbas

“I had the idea of experimenting with Kandinsky’s color and form theory in 3 dimension. I started with thinking each letter as a 3d canvas to play around with color and form, but also together they would form a type experimentation on Kandinsky. I presented each letter as a color and form composition and tried to relate them with the space as they are intended to be perceived in 3d dimension.” Sinan Buyukbas, from Behance Network

Sinan BuyukbasSinan Büyükbas

Büyükbas only recently graduated with his MA Degree in Visual Communication and Design.  He is a Motion Designer and 3D Artist, specializing in the emotional perception of computer generated audio and visuals.

Sinan BuyukbasSinan Büyükbas

See more great photos and close-ups on the Behance Network:

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