Glass artist Heather Gillespie creates some of my favorite works of art in the medium of blown glass.

Heather GillespieHeather Gillespie, Oyster Bowls

Her oyster bowls look so molten, as if the glass is still moving, a viscous, shining river of color. Along with the craft of creating the vessel, Gillespie also engraves her work to add fine details.

Heather GillespieHeather Gillespie, detail of engraving

Gillespie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, and then worked for the prestigious glass company of Lobmeyr.  She became enamored with the 16th century art of copper wheel engraving. There are only a handful of engravers in the U.K. who practice this art.

Heather GillespieHeather Gillespie, Ijos

There are many steps involved in creating these intricately carved pieces.  A series of sketches and designs begins the process. After blowing glass into the determined shape, it must cool slowly in a kiln. The piece is cut a polished to the highest standard.  Finally, the detailed engraving can begin.

Heather GillespieHeather Gillespie, Rope Grown Lighting

Her newest work is the Rope Grown Collection.  Moving from the highly intricate engravings to a simpler form, she reflects the simplicity of nature. See more of her work online:


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