I am sure you have seen some famous art piece and wondered how the heck the person every became famous or sold it. Art is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.  Sometimes its just a mystery to me.

Today are some of my picks for this topic.  Really?

Henk HofstraHenk Hofstra, “Art Eggcident”, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 2008

Oliver RossOliver Ross, Riesen-Nixe (Grand Mermaid), Alster Lake, Hamburg Germany, 2011

Annika StromAnnika Strom, Ten Embarrassed Men

This piece took place at the Frieze Art Fair in 2010 in London.  The artist hired 10 actors to wander about the fair looking embarrassed about the state of the art world.  For some odd reason, I find this kind of funny.  They DO look embarrassed.

Non-visible artFresh Air

And the grand prize winner for today . . . Non-Visible Art. There is actually a Museum on Non-Visible Art, MONA.  Here the artwork consists of an artist’s description of the art, and the viewer’s imagination.  Someone actually paid $10,000 for a masterpiece like the one above. You can buy one too!  You get a card, with a description by the author, and a letter of authenticity.  Then you can put that card on your wall in a prominent spot in your home, and your guests can enjoy it as well. Have fun with this one . . .
 (read more in the article by NPR)

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