Henrietta Corbett finds her inspiration in the stark, weather-beaten rural landscapes of the U.K.

Henrietta CorbettHenrietta Corbett, Over Rivers

“henrietta excels in a form of quiet abstraction of landscape shapes, which is achieved by layered and scraped paint. The work is distinct in the very nature of its process and the utilisation of a limited palette. The resulting images betray their history, they are clearly not produced in one go.

Two of her tutors, Anish Kapoor and Nicola Hicks undoubtedly left their mark”
(Philip Tregoning of Tregoning Fine Art 1999)

Henrietta CorbettHenrietta Corbett, Sun with Plough Lines

With just a few simple, calligraphic strokes, bold forms, and strong color, Corbett pulls you into her landscapes.

Henrietta CorbettHenrietta Corbett, Running Over Stones

They are so simple, but so strong.  Words fail me, as to why I am so attracted to her work, but she has been showing her work and winning awards since 2002.  I must not be the only one.  Enjoy more of her work here: www.henriettacorbett.com/prints

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