Assemblage is the art of putting found things together into a new, dimensional sculpture.  The amazing thing about the work of artist Edouard Martinet is that he does not use solder to hold the found items in place.  How does he do it?

MartinetEdouard Martinet, photo by ian sanderson

Martinet scours flea markets and car boot sales for old  metal parts, like typewriter key, rusty pans, and old car parts.  He transforms this stuff into polished, contemporary sculpture, and all without utilizing solder to hold it all together. He carefully fits each component into place. (Note:  a boot sale is where you stuff your car trunk with junk and meet in an open field or parking lot, open up your “boot” or trunk, and sell your unwanted items.)

Edouard MartinetEdouard Martinet, photo by ian sanderson

Martinet starts with detailed sketches of the animal or insect he plans to create. Born in France, he studied in Paris and began his career as a graphic designer.

Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet, photo by ian sanderson

His work can be found at the Sladmore Gallery in London, and viewed on his website:

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