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fused-glass-tabletop-curve-hare-in-meadowFused Glass Tabletop Curve
“Hare in Fanciful Meadow”
11″ x 4″ x 2″



A fanciful meadow, sparkling with dew. The hare runs, kicking up his heels, fleet & free, dodging shining stems and bright blossoms. A trickster, he eludes his pursuers.

The Hare is found in mythological tales all around the world, from the Americas to the United Kingdom, from Africa. the Middle East, and India.




Depicted in art from places around the world, it can be found in Chinese decoration from 1000 BC, in early Christian art, and in Italian Renaissance paintings. Baja California boasts a hare-like creature in 7,500 year old rock paintings.

The Hare can symbolize Regeneration, Balance, Inspiration and Luck.