Self-taught photographer yi-ching lin lives in New York, and posts her photos on a blog. If you scroll down below each photo, often she writes poetry to go along with the picture.

yi-ching linyi-ching lin photography

Her photos are protected, so I am unable to cut and paste larger images.  I hope seeing a few of her thumbnails will tempt you into looking at her sites: Yi-Ching Lin Photography:  waking up new is her blog, and you can also view her images on Flickr.

The simplicity of her blog is beautiful – she has a large image, usually labeled with a one or two-word title that succinctly describes the photo.  Then if you scroll down to the comments, she often writes a small evocative piece of poetry to go along. Inspiration for the day.

yi-ching linBreakfast
flipping . . .

between sunrise and
sunset, each ripened
moment can be
squeezed so
lovingly – whether
it is the sweetest of
mangos or the
sourest of kumquats

The site is addicting.  I flip from entry to entry, losing my morning as I want to read just one more , to see how she will describe the next beautiful image.  It makes me want to go out with my camera every day and follow her example.  I like the way she closes her “About” page on the blog: “Thank you for visiting.  Subscribe for daily sustenance.”  I think I will.

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