I have been working on more intricate forms for my fused glass mandalas, and the work of Leslie Thornton caught my eye.

Leslie ThorntonLeslie Thornton, Still from Blue Bird, 2010

Thornton is an experimental filmmaker who had her first solo show about a year ago in January 2011, at the Winkelman Gallery in New York. More recently, her work has created a buzz at the recent Art Basal Miami. The still shot, above, is beautiful, and it is even more fascinating to watch her work in action, as film:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/22092495 w=400&h=225]

Leslie Thornton, Binocular (Ants) [excerpt] from Winkleman Gallery on Vimeo.

Her exhibit consists of a series of flat-screen monitors, displaying two circular images.  The image on the left is an image filmed from nature, and the image on the right is digitally refracted into a kaleidoscopic version of her subject.

Leslie ThorntonLeslie Thornton, Anola Star

The idea all began with visits to natural history museums.  Thornton wasn’t happy with her photographs, and so began visiting the zoo to film live animals. She also has filmed on a zebra farm north of Los Angeles and a private reptile collection near the Florida Everglades. See more of her work at the Winkelman Gallery website:  www.winkelman.com

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