French artist Mathieu Lehanneur’s sculpture allows the viewer to be a day ahead of time.

Tomorrow is Another Day sculpture Tomorrow is Another Day, Mathieu Lehanneur

He originally created the piece with the intention of displaying it in the Palliative Care Unit of the Croix-Saint-Simon Hospital Group. Weather information is gathered in real time online, then the image of the sky is diffused through a honeycomb structure.

Tomorrow is Another Day, LehanneurTomorrow is Another Day, Mathieu Lehanneur

As he explains on his public talk on TED, Lehanneur is inspired by science and its ability to deeply investigate the human being — our ways of working, and our ways of feeling.

tomorrow is another day, sculpture by LehanneurTomorrow is Another Day, Mathieu Lehanneur

His background is in Industrial Design, and when he opened his first studio in 2001 it was dedicated to industrial design and interior architecture.  Soon after, he developed a passion for interactions between people and their environment; living systems and the scientific world.

Check out his website for some amazing interior designs:

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