I came across this inspiring site and it makes for a very happy friday!  How can you look at a picture like this and not smile?

“Happy Bee” from Passion Works Studio:  Greeting Cards

Passion Works Studio supports collaboration between artists with and without developmental disabilities.  The staff then markets this artwork, creating employment and generating income that allows this art programming to continue.

If you have a chance to visit their site, there is so much to see there, art items you can purchase, and stories to read that can make you look at life in a different way.  Working with children, and also with people who are developmentally disabled will do that for you. Really listen to them, and watch – they can show you how to pare down your everyday life into simple joy and wonder. “Passion Works reclaims art as an aspect of everyday life and as a way to connect with others.” Lynn Harter

Read about Passion Works Studio in collaboration with Tibetan monks

Insights about everyday art and every human’s potential to create

A window into artist collaboration – step by step

Superman, and the ability for all to fly

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