The “Small Worlds” exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art is running from November 2011 to March 2012.  They are featuring one of my favorite artists, Gregory Euclide:

Gregory EuclideGregory Euclide, Take It With You

Euclide’s installation is created from recycled and found materials. It serves as the entryway to the Small Worlds exhibit, and is built on the Canaday Gallery Bridge in the museum. More of Euclide’s work:

Lori NixLori Nix, Library (from series The City)

Nix describes herself as a “non-traditional photographer”, as she constructs her subjects to photograph rather than going out to find her subjects.
Her photos are not digitally manipulated.  The mood, rich color, and minute detail are painstakingly created and lit to perfection. See more of Nix’s work:

TabaimoTabaimo Trailer from Toledo Museum of Art on Vimeo.

Japanese artist Tabaimo is an award-winning contemporary artist, working with moving images.  She creates surreal, animated installations with a satiric view of the modern Japanese life.

Tabaimo’s hand drawn illustrations are beautiful, and it is fascinating to watch them come to life in the video installations.  See more links on You Tube HERE.

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