This year we have two robin nests in the yard.  They were a little smarter, building them high in the upper branches, which does not make for a good photograph because they are well hidden behind the leaves.  A few years ago, a robin built low enough for me to get this photo:

The nest form is intricate and beautiful.  There are so many artists, myself included, fascinated with this form.  Several years ago I was on a camping trip in Wisconsin, hiking an interpretive trail.  We came across several huge natural material installations along the trail, one of which was an enormous nest built on the ground, so large we clambered in and sat inside.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but here is a similar creation from artist Nils-Udo.  He is a Bavarian artist who works on site using natural materials.

“The Nest”, Earth, stones, birch trees, birch branches, grass, Lineburg Heath, Germany, 1978

I was going to continue this post with beautiful images of nests – painting, jewelry, etc.  Well, that might come another day.  After I found this image, I had to go with some of the most artistically bizarre or unusual nests that are out there.  Hope you enjoy!

“Extreme Nesting with Benjamin Verdonck”

Tan Khanh:  Paper Nest Art

Beijing’s Olympic Stadium

Nest Station“Nest Station” fractal art, Craig Williamson

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