The snakes photographed by Guido Mocafico are all over the blogosphere this week. (butdoesitfloat, colossal) It is unlucky to feature scary subjects on Friday the 13th?

Guido MocaficoSerpens Series, Guido Mocafico

The photos are breathtaking, although I am partial to snakes anyway. It is Mocafico’s eye for patterns in nature that pulls my eye and holds my attention.

Guido MocaficoRoses Series, Guido Mocafico

You know and recognize his subjects, but his arresting work takes you past the reality and into the mesmerizing patterns.

Guido MocaficoMedusa Series, Guido Mocafico

Mocafico lives in Paris, and specializes in still life photography.  He works for several international magazines and has undertaken many advertising campaigns for renowned designers such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermës. He has several books published (see Amazon) as well. See his website for more exquisite composition and detailed still life photography:

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