MariaLuisa Tadei is a prolific artist who creates in a wide range of media, including bronze and steel casting, watercolor, portraits in wax, iron, textiles, and of course, my favorite, glass.

marialuisa tadeiMoon of My Eyes, MariaLuisa Tadei

Born in Italy, Tadei works in London Bologna and Rome. Her intention as an artist is to create something that “bridges the gap between the material world and the spiritual dimension.” (see Tadei’s artist statement) Art Daily refers to her as a rising star in the art world, and she participated in both the the 2009 and 2011 Venice Biennale art shows.

MariaLuisa Tadei

Untitled  2007, MariaLuisa Tadei

MariaLuisa Tadeioculus dei 2001, MariaLuisa Tadei

I love the way that her “Oculus Dei” pieces are displayed, suspended in space and luminously back-lit. In all of her works, she creates with the subject of gravity, with polar opposites like light materials and heavy materials, playing with audience perception.

“The pieces I create now are works of art that seem to me as if they might be found in our dreams, reminiscent of another world. I think that inside every one of us there are signs of this other world, signs of a universal essence that produced the cosmos and all life therein. ” MariaLuisa Tadei

See her website Рthere is so much more to view along with her beautiful mosaics: