Often when I search the internet for interesting art, I find links to various museums, which will give me only bits and pieces of what they are displaying.  The Akron Art Museum in Ohio has recently made the announcement that their collections are available for viewing online.

Ansel Adams

How wonderful to be able to stroll through the virtual gallery of an entire museum. For now, only part of their 5,000 item collection is available for viewing. The site will eventually feature all of their art.

Frederick C. Frieseke

The museum has an interesting history.It opened in 1922 as the Akron Art Institute, housed in two borrowed rooms in the basement of the public library. It functioned as an art center, and eventually moved into a historic mansion, which was destroyed by fire four years later.

Vera WinsorVera Winsor, #2 Copper, 1976

After World War II, the museum acquired a professional staff and a new focus on fine art and design. In 1980, they changed the name from the Art Institute to the Art Museum.  It has been a long journey, and now so many benefit from their vision and dedication.  Nothing to do today?  How about going to a museum?  It’s just a click away:  The Akron Art Museum.

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