So much to choose from … I have to use this treasure trove of art to feed the blog this week.  It is a visual feast.

Michael Glancy Michael Glancy, Steel-Blue Witness, 2009
deeply engraved (radiation wave-cut) cast glass object, deeply engraved industrial plate glass, copper, silver 17 x 20 x 20″
photo: Marty Doyle Barry Friedman Ltd.

“The fun part for me is the meticulous work. With a pair of visors that cuts my reality, really tunnels my reality down into a different plane, [I can get] into a micro area. By occupying my hands, it frees my mind.” – Michel Glancy, from Art News

Carolyn Morris BachCarolyn Morris Bach, Bird Earrings

“While I strive for perfection in my design and craftsmanship, I am not overly concerned that every form requires perfectly rounded edges or that every element be an exact replication of its counterpart,” says Carolyn. “If this is art, it should be individual and unique and preserve for the viewer deliberate traces of the decisions for fabrication; the passage of the hands through materials.” – Carolyn Morris Bach

Tammy GarciaTammy Garcia, Untitled, 2006

“I need the challenge of trying new things. I don’t want to repeat the same shapes and designs all the time. Sometimes the shape of a piece changes as I’m working on it, and I have to give in to the change. Sometimes the clay speaks, and I have to listen.” – Tammy Garcia

One of the most interesting things about these posts today and yesterday, is researching the artists.  I hope you have time to follow some of the links to view more of their work and read about their lives.  These SOFA artists are truly world-class.  Many of them are prolific in more than one medium, and all of their work is simply outstanding.  What inspiration!

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