Yesterday I featured some fantastical architecture, and today I offer you more.  Again, this makes me feel like digging through my workshop and garage for materials, and putting them together into a cohesive conglomeration.  I know it is just not that easy.  I am inspired by the talent behind these huge, detailed installations.

Sarah SzeUntitled (Portable Planetarium) (2009), Sarah Sze

Sze grew up with her father’s architectural models and drawings around the house. She studied painting and architecture at Yale. Her initial work consisted of paintings, but eventually was drawn to sculpture.

Sarah SzeA Swiftly Tilting Planet, Sarah Sze

Depending on the particular piece, there are times that Sze improvises as she is creating the sculpture at an installation location.

 “I want it to feel like it has some of the rawness of the studio and the live quality of a site of work.” – from an interview with Phong Bui

Sarah SzeSarah Sze

Sze is currently exhibiting Infinite Line through March at the Asia Society in New York. I have found the best way to look for images of her work is simply to Google her name and select Images.  Her website doesn’t offer many photos, but will give you additional information:

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