Rachel Sumpter: Rachell Sumpter, IglooRachell Sumpter  Igloo, 2009  11 x 14 Inches  , gouache and pastel on paper

Rachel Sumpter: Rachell Sumpter, Isle, 2010 Rachell Sumpter  Isle, 2010  , 10.25 x 8.25 Inches  , gouache and pastel on paper

Rachel Sumpter, Waterfall 2011Rachel Sumpter, Waterfall, 2011

These dreamlike paintings from Rachel Sumpter are inspired by the wild and isolated place where she lives with her family, on Puget Sound.  The way she describes it,

“We live on a sandy cliff in a crumbling, weather beaten cabin, where there are huge trees surrounding us. Sometimes there are storms that blow 70 mph winds and the trees tick and tock like pendulums. The community is like a tribe and DIY, for survivals sake. It snows, it rains so much, and there’s mud everywhere, no asphalt, no stores, off the grid and that’s just the technical info. It’s where I like to create and the island and the community find their way into my paintings more and more.”from Juxtapoz Magazine Interview

She brings together the softness of watercolor, yet makes it vibrant; and the history and mythology of the Northwest U.S. clearly has an influence. The swirls and intricate pen-and-ink look introduce yet another style element to the work, and reminds me of the trends happening now in graphic design. I LOVE it.  Visit her website for more!

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