From the coast of Cornwall . . .

Jonathan FullerJonathan Fuller, No29, Sea Glass & Wood

Jonathan Fuller creates wall sculptures from collected sea glass.

Jonathan FullerJonathan Fuller, No22, Sea Glass & Wood

 The ultimate recycled artistic material, it is garbage, broken pieces of glass from industry, littering, shipwrecks and cargo spills.

Jonathan Fuller
Jonathan Fuller, No28, Sea Glass & Wood

 The bits of glass are tumbled and polished smooth by the friction of water and sand. As it becomes more popular, it is harder and harder to find on the beach. Collectors have taken to gathering up the colorful bits.  Now it is manufactured for craft use and found in bags at Michael’s. That only makes me appreciate Fuller’s work all the more – as he creates from salvaged pieces along the Cornwall coast where he lives.  See more of his work:

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