I took a quick trip last week to Door County, Wisconsin, a much beloved summer destination for those around the Chicagoland area that yearn for the fresh, piney air of the North Woods. Door County is a seven mile finger of land that extends out from Wisconsin and into Lake Michigan. It is a charming area with five state parks and 300 miles of shoreline with Green Bay on the West and Lake Michigan on the East.

Although cold for a night of camping last week, at least the tourist season wasn’t in full swing yet, and so I could navigate the tiny towns and their art galleries without the excesses of traffic and strolling tourists that clog the sidewalks.

The Arts abound on this beautiful peninsula with over 100 galleries, many featuring internationally known artists.

William JauquetThe Gate to Nowhere, William Jauquet

Edgewood Orchard Gallery is located in Fish Creek, and features work from William Jauquet and Chris Jauquet.  Father and son each have their own unique technique sculpting and fabricating in metal.

Chris JauquetBowl of Fire, Chris Jauquet

James G. Moore’s bell sculptures were among my favorite things at this gallery.  I loved wandering through the paths of the sculpture garden, occasionally hearing the deep tones of the bells as random visitors used padded mallets to vibrate the carved bronze bells.

James G. MooreFarm Pond, James G. Moore

Moore hails from Colorado, and you can read the history of the land and the wildlife in his creations.  I loved reading his blog and learning about his inspirations.  He has also begun a series of videos on You Tube that give you insight into his process and bring you to an Arizona gallery opening.

Explore some more…

Door County:  http://www.doorcounty.com/

Edgewood Orchard Galleries: http://www.edgewoodorchard.com/content/

William Jauquet: http://www.jauquet.com/

Chris Jauquet: http://www.chrisjauquet.com/

James G. Moore: http://www.sculpturebyjgmoore.com/jamesg.moorefine.html, Read the Blog:  http://sculpturebyjgmoore.blogspot.com/?view=classic

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