Andrew BucciAndrew Bucci, a Mississippi-based artist, sent this colored pencil and watercolor holiday card to artist Prentiss Taylor. No date.

George ZoretichGeorge Zoretich, an artist and professor at Pennsylvania State, sent this watercolor to artist James Mullen in 1971.

Julia Thecla, a Chicago-based painter, created this playful mixed media collage and sent it to Katharine Kuh as a holiday card in 1975.

DarrowAlexandra Darrow (1910-93) of Connecticut, known for her Works Progress Administration murals of the 1930s, was a model of yuletide cheer in a 1957 photograph.

These cards are from the Smithsonian Magazine, and are part of a larger collection in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution. I posted some of my favorites, especially the caption under the Darrow card.  View more of the collection here:  Included are interesting abstract styles and some that are hilariously bizarre. Enjoy!  Happy Christmas!

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