Midwest potter Norbert White often combines clay and glass to create his organic, flowing, pottery forms.

Norbert WhiteChandelier by Norbert White, photo from Studio G blog

He has a talent for combining pottery with glass mosaic that is striking.He takes inspiration from artists such as Chihuly and Gaudi, noting the way they bring free flowing shapes to their work.

Norbert WhiteHanging Lanterns by Norbert White, photo from Studio G Blog

” I am very attracted to their lack of uniformity, the bold colors and their undulating movement.”
-Norbert White (speaking of the works by Chihuly, Van Gogh, Duckworth and Gaudi)

Norbert WhiteAir Planter, Norbert White

The Air Planter is formed to represent the element of Air.  He uses mirror and dichroic glass among the other colors of mosaic in this piece.  Visit his website to view more work:  www.norbertwhite.com

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