I love the science fiction/fantasy feeling I get when viewing Rune Guneriussen’s installations. The office lamps are having a serious meeting, possibly about world domination.  And  chairs are on a mission, going somewhere important. I want to just sit in the snow with the other lamps – they are not talking much.  They softly murmur, and often there are long silences in their quiet conversation.

Rune GuneriussenOne can rely on the prudence of his decisions # 03, 2009, edition of 5+1, Rune Guneriussen
99cmx179cm, c-print/aluminum

Rune GuneriussenAbnormal growth of gluttony, 2009, edition of 5+1, Rune Guneriussen
190cmx150cm, c-print/aluminum

Rune GuneriussenA natural selection, 2008, edition of 5+1, Rune Guneriussen
124cmx167cm, c-print/aluminum

Rune is a Norwegian artist who painstakingly creates his “stories” on location throughout Norway.  Usually his installations are not viewed in nature by the public, but only through his photography. The story itself is left to the viewer’s imagination, as he deliberately leaves them open ended, stating that “art itself should be questioning and bewildering”.  His website:  http://www.runeguneriussen.no/

I think that one of the most wonderful things about life is when something unexpected and wonderful lights up your world.  Suddenly you look at the world with new eyes, and you laugh with the joy of the unexpected. I’ve been blogging for about 8 months now, and it’s fun to search the internet for art around the world.  I am attracted to it for many reasons; some things I love for their intricate and precise craftsmanship, some for their stark beauty, some because they are hilarious. Viewing what artists create, seeing what people call “art” and catching glimpses of what goes on in their world enriches my life. I hope that you enjoy it, and if you do, please pass the word!  Happy New Year!

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