They glow, they glisten, you can almost smell the citrus-y fragrance, and they are painted with oil on canvas.

oil painting, D. WojtkiewiczDennis Wojtkiewicz

It’s kind of funny, but I love the background painting as much as I love the actual fruit.  The whole thing is a wonderful composition of realism and soft, vibrant palette.

oil painting, Dennis WojtkiewiczDennis Wojtkiewicz

This is what Willy Wonka’s wallpaper should have looked like . . . the grapefruit tastes like grapefruit!  The melon tastes like melon!  The snozberries taste like snozberries!

oil paintingDennis Wojtkiewicz

Wojtkiewicz begins each painting with a monochrome under-painting, in a color complementary to the subject. Then he layers semi-opaque to transparent colors with up to ten layers before he considers it finished. This technique is basically a modified version of how the old European masters would paint, with Vermeer being an example.

” When I go into the studio it is with the intent of imbuing the paintings with a living spirit and to realize something that will connect with the viewer on a sensual if not metaphysical plane.” -Dennis Wojtkiewicz

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