French artist Bastien Carré works with LED lights, creating fantastic constellations of light.

Bastien CarreGrande Astrancia (2008), Bastien Carré

The tiny, energy-saving lights are connected with fine steel wire. The electrical source is nearly invisible, because Carré discovered a way to use the barely visible wiring to conduct the current that brings his sculpture to light. Often this involves meticulous soldering by hand.

Bastien CarreL envolee (2010), Bastien Carré

L envolee, above, is a mobile, with lights slowly rotating in the slightest draft, reinforcing the impression of floating fairies in the night.

Bastien CarreCollection Baroque VI (2011), Bastien Carré

He studied art in Paris and began his career crafting furniture embedded with light. It did not take long for him to gravitate toward focusing on the light itself. See more of his féerique sculpture on his website:  (Féerique is french for magical or enchanting. So appropriate, oui?)

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