Here in the Midwest we are in the middle of sweltering summer.  It’s buggy, as usual. I think everyone reminisces about catching lighting bugs when they were younger, but using bugs as art is another concept altogether. Artist Jan Fabre was invited by the Queen of Belgium in 2002 to bring contemporary art into her 19th century palace.

Jan Fabre, Heaven of DelightJan Fabre, Heaven of Delight

Fabre created a dazzling masterpiece mosaic on the ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors.  It took Fabre and over 20 assistants three months to apply swirls of beetle carapaces to the ceiling and niches.

Jan Fabre, Heaven of DelightJan Fabre, Heaven of Delight

Over 1.5 million Jewel Beetle wings were used to cover the space. The elytra, or forewings, are actually a by-product of the Thai food industry.  The beetle grubs are served as food, and the elytra are thrown away.  Well, in this case, used as artwork.

Jewel Beetle

And Fabre is not the only artist to appreciate these iridescent colors. . .

Olivia's OublietteHeart of Isdes, Susan Tooker

Artist Susan Tooker features beetle art in her Etsy shop, OliviasOubliette. She says, “The wings make a wonderful tinkling sound when worn!”

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