Fused Glass Mandalas

My mandalas are created from hundreds of pieces of broken glass, called frit. Some shapes are cut from larger pieces of glass and ground to an exact shape, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. The mandalas are forever changing works of art, glass transforming into different shades and reflections as the light moves throughout the day. They can be sold with a stock metal stand, or with a custom stand created by Will Slagel, a blacksmith friend of mine who creates beautiful functional and sculptural metal work.

Hedgerow, fused glass vase by Linda Oeffling

Fused Glass Vases

My fused glass vases are also built with hundreds of pieces of precisely placed frit. Frit can be purchased, but I also use a hammer to smash sheets of glass, then use various sizes of sifters to create my own sizes of frit. I build in a flat shape, fuse at a temperature that will keep a texture, and then fuse again to slump over a metal form. I find that the highly textured pieces catch light in a special way that gives them sparkling life.

Wave, fused glass with driftwood, by Linda Oeffling

Glass with Natural Materials

These pieces combine fused glass or stained glass with natural materials. I use unique pieces of driftwood that are sanded smooth by wind & wave. Other pieces use contorted sticks from shrub called Corkscrew Hazel, also known as Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick.

Mosaic Table, by Linda Oeffling

Stained Glass Items

I have created many stained glass pieces over the years, for friends & family as well as commissioned pieces.

Mosaic Table, by Linda Oeffling

Tabletop Curve

These pieces are formed on a mold which gently curves, allowing the finished piece to stand alone. I hand-shape individual spaghetti-strand thin pieces of glass over a flame to create the individual blades of grass.

Wave, fused glass animation, by Linda Oeffling

Glass Animations

I am a digital designer as well as a glass artist. This category allows me to take my creations a step further by animating some aspect of my work. I hope you enjoy them!

Mosaic Table, by Linda Oeffling

Other Glass Items

This is a miscellaneous section of pieces. There are things I have done for my own home or by commission for others. I also include some gift items that I have created.