The snow has finally arrived here, and I can look out my window to a winter white landscape.  It is beautiful and serene.  With that as a backdrop, I can enjoy looking at some riotous color!

Michala GyetvalDetail of Rhapsody of Colour, 2011, Michala Gyetval

Artist Michala Gyetval is featured this month at the Herbert Gallery in Coventry, U.K., teaching “Landscapes in Threads” workshops.  As a child, she was fascinated by threads and fibers, even creating her own dyes with blackberries and onions.

Michala GyetvalEmbroidered Landscape, Michala Gyetval

Gyetval twists fibres, using thick wool, crocheted cotton, and fine silks to create her artistic landscapes.

Michala GyetvalTextile art, Michala Gyetval

Visit Michala’s Flickr site for a fun explosion of color and design.  The site features finished artwork, but also offers insight into her process. You can view her inspiration in sketches and landscape photography, and also view pieces spread out along her sewing machine and work table.  They really convey a sense of scope and complexity as you view her process in action. Michala Gyetval on Flickr.

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