Another Black Dress With Its Own History

Eugenia Zoloto is a Unkranian artist who creates fantastical, intricate cut paper artwork. She uses an X-acto knife to meticulously cut out images that draw you into a fairy tale world.

Handmade frames for my paper works

Every time when you create something new, develop new skill, etc – you feel almighty , that’s what I liked . . . Now I became a mother, I have a loving family and I want my child to look at me and be proud of, learned a lot and walked in the footsteps of creativity.

Birds Made a Nest in My Hair

Zoloto is a lifelong reader, inspired by noir Russian literature. She takes her inspiration from written pages as well as strange dreams, and beautiful songs. Nature is a common theme running though her works. She also credits her grandmothers as inspiration, sewing doll dresses for her with beautiful Ukrainian embroidery, and knitting home decor.


Her larger pieces take up to 7 hours to create. As a mother of two, she struggles to find time for her art and often works at night, finding it the best time to be creative.

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Images from Eugenia Zoloto on Behance.

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