The Venice Biennale is located in San Marco in Venice. For over a century, it has been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, promoting International Festivals of Film, Art, Architecture, Music, Theatre and Dance. Art critic Roberta Smith, from the New York Times, started an interactive Venice Biennale reader, featuring works of art and comments from readers.  It is a fun little activity, limiting participants to only 6 words they can use to describe the artwork. Anyone can participate.

Andrian Villar RojasAdrián Villar Rojas, The Murderer of Your Heritage

Here is a photo depicting just part of this colossal installation.  Reader interactions vary from hilarious to critical to awe-inspired:   “Nowhere to store any of this”, “leftovers from skyscraper construction”, “substantial life force mass smallness wonder”, “big fat guy stones”.

Contamination by Joana VasconcelosJoana Vasconcelos, Contamination

Comments:  “Viral craft bomb decoration awakens serene”, “creature rising from the rainbow lagoon”, “mommy can I pet the microvirus?”

Ryan GanderRyan Gander, Your present time orientation (First Act) – Random abstraction

Comments:  “Mondrian urban-landscape gridblock edifice”, “design school was too hard”, “oh there are my primed canvases”.

Visit Roberta’s blog page on the New York Times to view this project, read the comments, and submit your own.  I also like the format – it’s fun.  Flash is used to set up a book-like format, so that it looks like pages are turning when you click on the dots. Enjoy Everyone’s a Critic!

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