I’ve said it before, I am a technology geek.  The precision of computer technology attracts me, yet I also love the abstraction of working as an artist. I recently came across the work of textile artist Suzan Engler, who also has a background in tech and has gone on to focus on her art.

“I love the juxtaposition of the human hand and technology as I create art quilts using digital manipulation, custom fabrics and intricate stitches.” – Suzan Engler

Suzan EnglerDragonfly art quilt by Suzan Engler

If you go to Suzan’s website: www.suzanengler.com and view her gallery, you can pull up larger images of work and see the beautiful detail. I love the batik dye work in the dragonfly wings, and the details in the eyes.

Suzan EnglerHeron quilt by Suzan Engler

Her nature inspired artwork is wonderful, but she also does some very graphic pieces that are striking.

Suzan EnglerJuicy Pear, by Suzan Engler

Suzan EnglerSuzan Engler

Suzan also writes an online blog about her life, sharing things like project ideas, art shows and sewing tips.  Here’s the link again – worth a visit! www.suzanengler.com

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